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More FAQ's:

Q: - I'm not sure which package I need? What should I do?
A: - Let us know what information you want posted on your site and we will see as to how many pages we can fit the information into.

Q: - Can I add additional services to the package I choose?
A: - You may add as many additional services as you like. Please note, each additional services vary in price range. We will go through pricing with you on what you will want to add to your package.

Q: - I have no idea on how to set up "hosting" or "domain names" what do I do?
A: - Feel free to contact our hosting department on domain hosting and domain names. Our hosting department will be glad to get you up and running. We offer complete web hosting, no matter what size account you may need. We also offer complete domain name services.

Q: - I know what domain name I want to use, how do I get it?
A: - At the top of our site, there is a domain name search box. Simply type in the name that you would like to use (without the .:dot" extension) and the following page that opens will let you know if the name is available to purchase. Please remember, be sure to type in thenameyouwant and not

Q: - I've had my website for awhile now and need more work done to it, do you offer "upkeep" or "site changes"?
A: - No matter how long you've had your website, we can make changes or updates (even to sites we did not build) for an hourly rate of $25 per hour. Please note, if you need additions that are listed in our "Additional Services" section, prices will vary on what work you need done.

Q: - Your package plans go up to 10 pages, what if I need more pages?
A: - Not a problem. If you need 100 pages, we can build to your needs. We will go over pricing with you, if you require more than a 10 page website.

Q: - I want an adult website but can not find anyone to build it. Do you build adult sites?
A: - Yes, we will build any "Legal" adult site you may need. We do however require a copy of "all" content licenses for the material you want to use. All content must be legal and you must have a license to use the material. For adult sites, please contact our Hosting Department for rules and regulations on site size and traffic.

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